Meet the Director

Cristina Pantin

Director, Katy Campus

Cristina is originally from Venezuela.  She studied industrial design in college while also pursuing her passion for dance.  Cristina started dancing Flamenco when she was 12 years old and eventually realized her dream of owning a dance studio in Venezuela.  In 2001, she moved to the U.S. with her family.

Cristina has worked with children most of her adult life, teaching art, dance, and music.  In 2015, she began working at Spanish Schoolhouse as a teacher, as well as the after school Latin and flamenco dance teacher.  She loves to make learning fun for her students and to encourage their creativity and imaginations.  As the director of SSH Katy, Cristina is excited to lead the team and to continue sharing the many advantages of bilingualism with all of her students.

Q & A with Cristina

What are your goals as the leader of the school?

My number one goal is for the children to truly enjoy learning and to come to school every day with big smiles, ready for the day!  I also want to create and maintain this special community, where all the parents and children feel part of the big Spanish Schoolhouse family.  And of course, I want to ensure that the children leave SSH prepared for new beginnings, academically, socially, and culturally. 

What makes the Katy campus unique?

The moment you walk in, you are immediately welcomed like family. The laughter, the hugs, and the greetings from the teachers all contribute to making our school a fun and safe place to learn.  When children feel safe, comfortable, and loved, there is no limit to what they can learn!

What is your favorite event of the school year and why?

I love all the activities, but my favorite has to be the shows that we do at the end of the year.  You can feel the passion and emotion that kids put into the show, and the feeling of accomplishment when they perform their beautiful dances for their families.  Some of the older children also have speaking parts, where they are able to display their Spanish language skills.  Seeing the parents’ faces full of pride while they watch their little ones is priceless.