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Welcome to Spanish Schoolhouse in Katy, TX! Our Spanish immersion programs offer Preschool, Kindergarten, After School and Summer Camp.  We opened in 2013 in the Cinco Ranch area on South Mason Road, just off Cinco Ranch Blvd. Come visit our campus for a tour! Our Director, Cristina Pantin, would love to show you what Spanish Schoolhouse programs can offer your child!











“I believe every child is capable of learning and reaching their highest potential when given the right strategies and tools to develop their skills. I believe that parents, caregivers, teachers, and the learning environment have an impact on children and their views and understanding of the world. And I believe a loving, nurturing, and safe environment are key elements to help a child grow and learn.”

Cristina, Director of Katy


Daisy Flor Gomez
Daisy Flor Gomez
My kindergartner is learning so much here. He loves going and all of the teachers and staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. I wish we had started here sooner. Highly recommend!
Nahomy Ainagas
Nahomy Ainagas
Loving and friendly environment, it feels like a family. My kid learn so much, not only Spanish but socialization, respect, kindness and more. He has great memories from SSH. Thanks SSH team for all the love, support and teachings. Keep up the good work!
Elizabeth Aviles -Padilla
Elizabeth Aviles -Padilla
Beautiful school filled with amazing teachers and staff with huge hearts in hand for the little ones! Love the school! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗❤️❤️
Diana Vigil
Diana Vigil
The staff is so sweet! Teachers are great Great customer service and curriculum
Ana Folly
Ana Folly
I love it!!!
Deborah Pattillo
Deborah Pattillo
My two kids have been attending the Spanish Schoolhouse Katy location since its inception. We have never had any concerns that have not been immediately and cheerfully addressed by the staff, which is not to say that we've had concerns... Truly I cannot remember a single one! But this isn't the review I wanted to write. We came to Spanish Schoolhouse for the language immersion. It's so important for the kids to begin learning a second language in the formative years, and who better to learn from than native speakers? This is exactly what the school offers. We came for the Spanish, we stayed for the loving and supportive environment. The teachers and staff truly love the kids. Having had experience in day cares in Latin America, I wasn't surprised to find the atmosphere at Spanish Schoolhouse "como en casa" (just like home). But for parents who worry the kids here are coddled or spoiled, they are not. Rather, they are encouraged to be independent and are treated with dignity in a mutually respectful environment. They are disciplined with firmness and sympathy and understanding, and that's why when you send your child here, you can expect him or her to come home happy, each and every day. A note on the language learning: children of English only households can expect a longer learning curve than those kids who are exposed to some Spanish daily. Support your kids and give them all the Spanish you can: cartoons, sports, music, language buddies, etc. At first, I kept my two year old at home three days out of the week, but then I realized the more Spanish, the better! She goes every day now and even attends wonderful Stay and Play sessions and soccer programs after school on site, all in spanish! Rest assured, no matter the background, the kids are learning. Valuable vocabulary and grammar patterns are stored in their brains, to be unlocked at a later time, maybe to get that valuable, high-paying job that's looking for a bilingual? Now that I write this, I realize I should be thanking those spanish schoolhouse teachers, who embrace these values of family, respect, honesty, and who do this teaching with fun and games and engaging crafts, lessons that will not only entertain and educate my kids but will truly grow them and prepare them for what's to come! Thank you from the heart, teachers and staff of Spanish Schoolhouse!

What is Spanish Immersion?

Spanish immersion is a language-building technique that surrounds students with the Spanish language every day. By hearing Spanish spoken in the classroom by native speakers, children gain a deeper understanding and develop an ear for the language. This provides a solid Spanish foundation for them as they learn to speak, read, and write in Spanish in later years. Spanish Schoolhouse uses immersion to expose children to the language and give them a great start in becoming multilingual. Their immersion in Spanish during their formative years will stay with them for a lifetime.

Why Spanish Immersion?

Children are born with the potential to speak any language they hear, but the language they hear the most is the one they learn the fastest. In our Spanish immersion environment, children are surrounded by Spanish every day. They learn it through the natural interactions of school activities and social experiences. Communication happens spontaneously and conversation is key! Our program is especially helpful for children who hear another language at home. They develop skills in both languages simultaneously while their learning potential is at its peak.

Why Spanish Schoolhouse?

Spanish Schoolhouse Katy is one of the best preschools in Houston, and we’re thrilled to share the Spanish language and traditions with new speakers! Our amazing staff members come from several Latin American countries, and every member of our team is passionate about teaching cultural appreciation and diversity in a safe and loving space. Our student-to-teacher ratios are some of the best. Our curriculum includes interactive enrichment activities such as learning about traditional foods from Latin countries, celebrating holidays and customs, and experiencing the rhythms, songs, and dances of Spanish-speaking countries around the world

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Spanish Schoolhouse

When you walk through our doors, the warmth and friendliness with which you are greeted – not just by the staff, but the students as well – make you feel like you just found a new family.

Preschool Programs

At Spanish Schoolhouse Katy, we provide an immersive environment where children are surrounded by the Spanish language every day. They learn to celebrate cultural diversity, and to treat others with kindness.

Summer Camp

The summer camps at Spanish Schoolhouse Katy were designed to entertain and educate 3-8-year-olds, giving them a cultural experience without leaving town! Full and part-time programs are available to meet your needs.