Top Five Reasons Parents Choose Spanish Schoolhouse

At Spanish Schoolhouse Katy, we’re driven by a mission we’re all proud of!  We work hard to make sure our students have the best preparation for future learning.  Every school day is filled with engaging experiences that inspire an appreciation for world languages and cultures.  At the same time, SSH kiddos are building excellent academic and social skills to set them up for success! 

A trademark of our schools is our warm, welcoming, and loving environment!  This helps preschoolers build trust so they can grow in independence and self-confidence. When it comes time to transition from preschool to elementary, SSH kids are extremely well prepared.  In fact, many of our students enter their new schools exceeding expectations for any incoming kindergartener or first-grader. 

But don’t just take our word for it!  Here are comments from parents whose kids have graduated from Spanish Schoolhouse Katy They sum up our mission and show you HOW a Spanish Schoolhouse education prepares your child for success! 

#1. We Prepare Kids with Outstanding Academics

Our well-rounded curriculum lets students explore, discover, analyze, and experience through hands-on activities. SSH Katy students learn math, science, literacy, and world cultures – all in addition to our unique focus on the Spanish language!   

“The SSH curriculum is absolutely amazing. Our daughter developed great math and early reading skills. Her Spanish teacher continues to tell us how great Spanish Schoolhouse prepared her!”  

“Academically, our son is above level for most subjects. His teachers comment on what great penmanship he has (thanks to Handwriting Without Tears), his ability to read and comprehend, and his mathematical abilities.” 

“My son has absolutely thrived in kindergarten and far exceeded any hopes we had for him. I know a big part of that came from the huge head start he had from everything he learned at Spanish Schoolhouse. He came into Kinder knowing all his ABCs and numbers up to 20 and is now doing simple multiplication in his head and reading like a 1st grader.”  

“Our son is in kindergarten now and he already knows everything that was listed as the goals for this school year. He was definitely advanced academically compared to the other kids he started with!” 

#2. We Emphasize Exceptional Social Skills

We know how important it is for little ones to learn how to get along with others.  Helping them socialize prepares them for daily interactions with classmates, family, teachers, and others.  We work on skills like cooperating, sharing, taking turns, and having polite conversations.  Learning these things through class routines and playing together builds self-confidence and self-esteem, which kids will carry for life!  

“Spanish Schoolhouse gave my daughter a warm and nurturing environment that allowed her to flourish and have fun at the same time.  I love that SSH uses the Love and Logic program for classroom management.  My child’s current school also uses this, so it was a natural transition.”   

“My child developed good social skills in SSH. At first, he was very shy, scared, and insecure. After attending SSH he has learned to be amongst different children, follow school routines, and accomplish tasks given by the teacher.”  

“Our daughter adapted well and enjoys interacting with her new teachers and classmates. She has discovered her voice and has become more of a leader.” 

“The teachers did a great job at working with the kids on their social skills. My child loves to speak Spanish and has the confidence that the teachers at SSH instilled in her!” 

#3. . We Inspire Kids with Cultural Experiences

Part of our mission is to build global awareness among our students and help them become global citizens. We proudly share the cultural traditions of our Spanish-speaking countries and we’re passionate about inspiring curiosity about other world cultures. This is something unique about our program that SSH Katy parents truly value! 

“We love the variety of cultures that are drawn to SSH, which in turn makes for a better life experience for the kids. We’re going for a true global citizen, so the earlier start the better. This also helps them adapt to a dual language elementary environment faster.” 

“My kids love singing and speaking in Spanish, and the exposure to the Latin culture has had an amazing impact on them.  They embrace different cultural experiences and make friends with kids of all nationalities.”   

“Spending their early years in a loving Latino environment has been amazing for my kids. They are kind and outgoing and affectionate with their friends. I think they are more accepting of people of different backgrounds and just enjoy being with their friends.” 

#4. The Transition to Elementary is Smooth Sailing!

All these ingredients make a formula that helps kids transition comfortably to elementary school!  Parents of our graduates often tell us how well-prepared their kids were and how quickly they adjusted when they moved on to an elementary setting.  We get the same feedback from teachers in our local ISDs and dual language programs!  Having Spanish Schoolhouse on your child’s school record is a good thing! 

“My twin girls attended Spanish Schoolhouse. SSH did an excellent job preparing them for 1st Grade. Both girls are confident and enjoy school.” 

“My daughter felt loved, safe, and secure at Spanish Schoolhouse, which contributes to the confident child she is now as she entered kindergarten.”  

“Our son is in a dual language program at his school, and SSH has made the transition to Elementary very seamless!”

#5. We Give Them the Bilingual Advantage!

Last but definitely not least, we give students the advantage of being bilingual. This is the main (and the coolest) reason parents choose Spanish Schoolhouse Katy. Bilingual education gives your child a superpower for the future! Being bilingual in today’s world is a huge asset.  It increases brain power, gives them academic, social, and career advantages, and much more.  The earlier you expose your child, the more they will reap these awesome benefits.    

“The advantage the kids have by being bilingual has been the most positive experience for us.  They are not only speaking Spanish but also writing and reading it.  They’ve already learned to appreciate the value of speaking another language and they feel proud about this.” 

“SSH has been the best experience for our children. They are bilingual thanks to SSH!” 

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! 

Come visit us and see for yourself how a Spanish Schoolhouse education opens doors to future learning success. A second language is a gift that will benefit your child for life (and someday they will even thank you for it)! To book a tour at your closest SSH location, visit our website at and click on your preferred location for contact information. Registration for new families begins February 1 at 10 am. Don’t miss out!