3 Tips For Preserving Bilingual Learning

It can be difficult to be patient in a world that loves instant gratification. Some things, however, take time to master. One of those things is the mastery of language. Don’t give up! You’ve already taken a step in the right direction of bilingual learning, by enrolling your child in Spanish Schoolhouse Katy. Now you just have to practice the power of perseverance. Here are three valuable tips for when you feel like you’re not making progress with your child or when you just need a little extra support. 

Don’t Give up! 3 Ways to Persevere in Your Child’s Bilingual Learning

1. Increase Language Quantity

Think for a moment about how your child has learned everything so far – it’s been through repetition! Our precious little people learn by absorbing words repeated frequently over time, not by rote memorization. So, just as you patiently practiced the basics with your kiddo in English, you must also increase the quantity of Spanish words and phrases repeated at home. This practice builds stronger neurological pathways, which eventually allows Spanish to become second nature – for both you and your child!

2. Utilize Engaging Resources

Make Spanish fun for your child by using fun and engaging resources. For example, reading books and singing songs in Spanish with a loving caregiver helps to build bonds and create excitement around bilingual literacy.

3. Bring Family and Friends In On The Action

Language is so much more fun when you have someone to talk to! Invite your Spanish-speaking loved ones to converse with your kiddo. They are much more likely to enjoy practicing when they see that learning Spanish means having the ability to communicate with many different people.

Making an effort to engage with your child in new, fun ways is the key to persevering as they learn a second language. At Spanish Schoolhouse Katy, we are here to support you and your family with your bilingual learning journey through our Preschool, Mommy and Me, Afterschool, and Summer Camp programs across Texas!

What is your favorite way to practice Spanish? Let us know in the comments!